MARPE Diplo talk Ghent - A Public Diplomacy perspective on Brexit

A Public Diplomacy perspective on Brexit - Are States ignoring the power of Soft Power

MARPE Diplo talk

The MARPE Diplo talks series begins with an incursion into one of the most pressing and consequential events of 2019: Brexit. Our panel will offer varied and informed perspectives, exploring Brexit through the lens of public, corporate and civic diplomacy.
You can join us in three ways:
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Nicolas Baygert

Professor, ULB, IHECS, Sciences Po Paris, CELSA

is professor at the ULB, where he teaches political communication and media sociology, at IHECS where he teaches political sciences and critical perspectives, at Sciences Po (Paris) where he teaches political communication in contemporary democracies, and at CELSA (Paris-IV-Sorbonne), where he teaches political branding. He is director of the think tank Protagoras.
Protagoras is also one of the MARPE Diplo Associated Partners – see details.

Alastair McCapra

CEO, Chartered Institute of Public Relations

has been CEO of the CIPR (Chartered Institute or Public Relations) since 2013, having previously served as CEO of the Landscape Institute and of the Institute of Conservation. He sits on the Board of the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management and is an alternate member of the International Integrated Reporting Council.
CIPR is also one of the MARPE Diplo Associated Partners – see details.

Pierluigi Puglia

Head of Communications, British Embassy, Rome

is Head of Communications and Spokesperson for the UK in Italy. Previously Press and Public Affairs Officer – Media & Strategy, he has been with the British Embassy in Rome for 14 years.
Pierluigi Puglia is also one of the MARPE Diplo Associated Partners – see details.

Nicholas Whyte

Senior Director, APCO Global Solutions

senior director, global solutions in APCO’s Brussels office, has more than two decades of experience in international affairs, advocacy and research. He counsels APCO’s clients on ally development and coalition building, advocacy, public affairs and strategic communication. Previously he was director of the Brussels office of Independent Diplomat, where he served as a key advisor to governments and organizations on foreign policy and strategic alliances.


Richard Linning

Public Diplomacy and Outreach project, EU Delegation Ha Noi Vietnam

Past President IPRA and Past President CERP, Fellow of the CIPR, he is firmly committed to the ethical practice on which the science behind the art of communication is based. He will moderate this first MARPE Diplo Talk, building on his international expertise earned during a career in which he has worked on every continent.

A MARPE Talk Event in partnership with PROTAGORAS

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